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July 14th, 2015, 11:46 am

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Dai is a dog who loves humans.
So much so that he wants to be a human, as impossible as such a thing may be. But one night, after doing the good deed of rescuing an injured stray cat from three much larger dogs, Dai's wish is granted by a mysterious woman. The cat Dai saved, whose name is Kira, is also turned human to help him heal from an otherwise dangerous bite wound. Dai and Kira are even given a modest apartment to share while starting their new lives.
Dai is ecstatic to be a human being. Kira? Not so much.
Dai soon realizes that being human is more difficult than he imagined-- he needs to find a job, learn what the word "party" means and why he was invited to one, and keep out of dangerous neighborhoods at night. But with Kira (only somewhat-begrudgingly) at his side, Dai begins to learn all about the regular human world, as well as the magical one that exists just around the corner-- which might just be more familiar to him than he realizes.

Fantasy / Romance (BL)

Recommended 13+ (some adult themes and sexuality)

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